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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. 

Do you remember my big plans to do Blogmas and be so impressive and amazing for you all? Obviously, they failed.


That’s my “I’M A MUPPET” face.

Either way… I’m back!


The new and improved ‘Styled by Eva’ is here! The blog has a new look and I’ve scribbled down many blog post ideas to keep you all entertained (hopefully)!

Today’s post?

How to TACKLE feeling fat!

Fat. It’s a word that many of us are afraid of. Including me: I prefer to use ‘curvy’.

However it’s that time of year when ‘fat’ is unfortunately the right word.

We’ve just had Christmas; we’ve eaten A LOT of chocolate; and we’re currently in the transition period from eating badly to getting back on track.


My face in this photo actually looks drunk on food…

So without further ado, here are my top tips to combat that bloated, post-Christmas feeling!

1. Get Dressed


As simple as it might sound, getting dressed can be the best thing to do when you’re feeling down. When you’re lazing about in your pyjamas, it’s easy to put yourself down constantly and think about your weight. Getting dressed can make you feel so much better!

2. Exercise


I get it, we hate exercise. Unfortunately, however, it can be so helpful and is essentially the most effective way to lose weight! (Coupled with healthy eating, see tip 4). Just 10 minutes of exercise each day can help you get on track and feel better about your body. Try it!

3. Go shopping!


After Christmas, you might find that some of your clothes are a little tight. I certainly did, so I popped over to Primark and picked up some new bits. If you can allow it in your budget, just buying some new clothes can make you feel tons better about your body image. Swap those baggy jumpers that make you look 10x bigger than you actually are, for something a bit more flattering.

4: Eat something delicious… BUT HEALTHY


These ‘Super Quick Vegan Black Bean Burgers’ are absolutely delicious and, shockingly, THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU! Check out the recipe here. I’ve found that eating vegan makes just about anything I cook, healthy.

Would you guys be interested in a Vegan lifestyle / cooking segment of this blog? Let me know in the comments!

5: Meditate


Don’t hate me for banging on about meditation, I promise it’s good for you. I have found that meditation can help both my mind and body. Gratitude meditation is amazing for stopping all those negative thoughts swirling around your mind… It helps you appreciate things and recognise that you’re actually OK!

6: Distract yourself!


For me, the best way to distract myself is to call up the girls and just do something fun. It can be anything from just sitting in my room laughing about nothing, to driving to the middle of nowhere and having an adventure. Distracting yourself from negative thoughts and feelings is just as important as recognising them. Find something that makes you happy and DO IT! You’ll notice that you don’t feel fat when you’re having fun.

So that is everything for today’s post! I know it’s a bit of a long one but there was a lot I wanted to say…!!

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REMEMBER: You’re beautiful, no matter how you look.

Hope this helped,

Eva xx

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