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OCDiary: AM I COPING? #BLOGMAS DAY 7 | Styled by Eva

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Day 7 of Blogmas and another segment of my OCDiary!

You might remember my post for Blogmas Day 1 where I spoke about being ready for Christmas time and looking after your mental health…

Well this is me right now:


Okay maybe not literally, but I’m struggling.

My exams have come all at once and it’s been a mad rush to get everything completed. If you’re planning to study 3 languages at University, just be aware that yes, the year abroad might be great because you get to live in 3 different countries…

But the work load is insane.


This morning I had to reschedule an exam because I ended up having panic attacks and didn’t sleep.

I rang my personal tutor sobbing begging for an extension – is that how uni is supposed to be?!


I know what you’re thinking: you signed up for this Eva, you should have seen this coming!

Yes, you’re right. But I wasn’t going through ridiculous problems with my stupid brain back then. Now I have that to add to the list!


See that smile? It’s me thinking about Milan in February. About how all of this shit will be over in a week and I’ll be back home celebrating the festive season properly.

I can’t wait.

That’s everything for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed this little rant. They appear every so often but you guys seem to enjoy them!

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Merry Christmas,

Eva x

4 thoughts on “OCDiary: AM I COPING? #BLOGMAS DAY 7 | Styled by Eva

  1. I can tell you, I completely understand. I was so stressed with uni and the amount of assignments they gave us on the run up to Christmas. I’m now put under more stress as all I want to do is spend time with my family, but I have five exams to revise for and two more assignments due in. All I can say is to just try your best, that’s all we can really do. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and were much more relaxed.

    Faye Jessica |

    1. Thanks Vikki, yes just 1 more week now! I plan to eat lots of treats and watch lots of films when I’m finished… doesn’t that sound great?! Hahahaa xx

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