Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Blogmas and my Winter Skincare Routine!

As you all know, my skin is quite sensitive and keeping it nice in the cold weather can be a bit of a chore.

However, I’ve managed to find myself some new ways of keeping my skin feeling good – without all the hassle!


In the shower, I think it’s essential to use some sort of body scrub. Especially this time of year.

I’ve been using The Body Shop’s ‘Spiced Apple’ body scrub in the shower because it so quick smells so festive!


If you’ve never tried it, I’d 100% recommend. Yes, the Body Shop are slightly on the more expensive side but hey! If it’s good and you use it regularly…

After Shower

After my shower, I make sure to moisturise. Don’t pull that face I know you’re pulling. Put the effort in and you won’t regret it!!

Basically, you need to get yourself a moisturiser that doesn’t take ages to buff in and smells awesome. The latter is so important because if you’re like me and you’re lazy, having a great smelling moisturiser is the perfect motivator because you smell good all night long!

At the moment, I’m switching between The Body Shop’s ‘Frosted Plum’ and ‘Vanilla Pumpkin’ scent.

(I’m not sponsored by The Body Shop I swear… I wish I was.)

At night

At night time, I take my makeup off using Coconut Oil. I like to just buy some randomly in the shop and use that: there’s no need to make it expensive!!


I swear by Coconut Oil, honestly. My skin has never felt so soft before! It’s made me take my makeup off at night regularly whereas before I was so lazy…

Another thing I love to use at night is my KIKO Sublime Youth Night Cream!


I love this because it again makes my skin feel awesome. There’s something about wearing a night cream that feels special – and this certainly does!

If you’re looking for a new Night Cream for your face, this is it. I swear by it. I actually bought it on a bit of a whim because I wasn’t sure if it would be good or if I’d be allergic, it just looked decent!

I’ve never heard anybody talking about it but I don’t know why! It’s awesome.

So that is everything for today’s post, I really hope you enjoyed it! Sorry the pictures are a bit naff, I forgot to take pictures for some items…

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Merry Christmas,

Eva x

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    • I didn’t until my friend showed me how easy it is and I’ve never gone back! Literally, it takes your makeup off so quickly, even waterproof stuff. I’d definitely recommend!! Xx

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